• Work and Respect

    Creating equal opportunities in the labour market. Decent work for young people with a disability Work & Respect is a three-year project that aims to socio-economically empower 600 youth with...
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    Work and Respect
  • KUBIK; Kelompok Usaha & Bisnis Inklusif

    Inclusive Business & Entrepreneurs in Indonesia Improve access to work KUBIK is a project for youth with disabilities and youth affected by leprosy in Indonesia. The project, which runs for...
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    KUBIK; Kelompok Usaha & Bisnis Inklusif
  • Livelihood Skills Project

    Disability inclusion and entrepeneurship in Mamfe, Cameroon Working with young refugees with a disability The Livelihood Skills Project in Mamfe, in the north of Cameroon, works with disabled youth from...
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    Livelihood Skills Project
  • Hope for children

    Making dreams of children with a disability come true Appropriate support Many children in Cameroon face significant challenges every day; civil war causes ongoing unrest in the country and people’s...
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    Hope for children
  • Our network

    We collaborate with several organisations in and outside the Netherlands that, each in their own way, want to help improve the lives of children and young people with a disability...
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    Our network
  • STEP

    Improved home-based rehabilitation for children with neurological disorders Field workers in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) often have limited educational background and access to specialized courses. As a result, they lack...
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  • These Shoes: Training for orthopedic shoe makers

    In 2014, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief and the Liliane Foundation started the first training programme for orthopedic shoe makers in Southeast Asia. Youngsters from countries within the region were trained...
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    These Shoes: Training for orthopedic shoe makers
  • ALINC: Inclusion for children with albinism

    The Liliane Foundation and Human Rights Watch designed a project to protect and improve the lives of children with albinism in Tanzania. This ALbinism INClusion (ALINC) Programme focuses on advocacy...
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    ALINC: Inclusion for children with albinism
  • Voices for Inclusion

    The Liliane Foundation, the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development and Voice have joined hands to bring together marginalised groups from Africa and Asia through peer-to-peer exchanges on advocacy. Collaboration...
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    Voices for Inclusion