Our network

We collaborate with several organisations in and outside the Netherlands that, each in their own way, want to help improve the lives of children and young people with a disability in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

Development organisations

Over the years we have been actively working together with other development organisations to broaden our and their perspective on how to achieve an inclusive society. A selection:

  • In the five-year programme (2021-2025) Make Way, we work together with Wemos, VSO, Akina Mama wa Africa, Forum for African Women Educationalists and The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians Kenya. The programme is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the programme is to encourage an intersectional perspective of SRHR in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. Read more [link naar make Way content pagina]
  • Together with the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Sexuality and the Rutgers Foundation, we are working on the ‘Bodytalk’ programme in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. This programme is aimed at improving the sexual and relational education of children and young people with a disability. Read more[link naar BodyTalk pagina]
  • With Enablement we work on family-oriented child rehabilitation, with the aim of improving children’s possibilities.
  • Our strategic partner organisations in Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are part of the network of the English organisation Leonard Cheshire Disability, our partner since 2008.
  • In the countries where we are active we collaborate with other international organisations involved in improving the situation of children with a disability as much as possible, such as the Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and Humanity & Inclusion.
  • In 2020, the Liliane Foundation took over responsibility for the international online journal ‘Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development’ (the DCID Journal). Four times a year, this magazine brings new knowledge, (policy) developments or views on these topics to an international audience of aid workers, involved organisations and policymakers.

Dutch social partners

The Liliane Foundation has been able to rely on broad social support in the Netherlands for years. A selection of some of our social partners:

  • Since 2000, the Liliane Foundation has been one of the permanent beneficiaries of the Nationale Postcode Loterij. In 2021, the annual contribution amounted to €1.35 million.
  • Thanks to the AFAS Foundation, we are elevating rehabilitation care to a higher level in Cameroon with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Service (CBCHS) through the Care Compass project. Together, we guarantee high-quality rehabilitation care for people with a disability, especially children. Read more [link naar Rehabilitation compass for inclusion content pagina]
  • Sligro Food Group Nederland sells a special Liliane Foundation Christmas parcel. Sligro donates a share of the proceeds to us. Employees also contribute a small share of their salary to charities, including the Liliane Foundation.
  • Livit specialises in orthopaedic aids and is an active partner of the Liliane Foundation in improving the quality of orthopaedic aids throughout Rwanda to a responsible level, by making knowledge, expertise and materials available to our partner in Rwanda. Meanwhile, a close bond has developed between Livit employees and our partner in Rwanda. The quality of orthopaedic aids has now improved dramatically throughout the country.
  • For years, the Paul Foundation has supported projects involving children and young people with Down’s syndrome in Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh. As a result, thousands of children with Down’s syndrome have been helped and awareness was increased among parents, relatives and neighbours.