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KUBIK; Kelompok Usaha & Bisnis Inklusif

Inclusive Business & Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Improve access to work

KUBIK is a project for youth with disabilities and youth affected by leprosy in Indonesia. The project, which runs for 30 months from 2022 to 2024, aims for these youngsters to become economically independent and improve their quality of life. With KUBIK, we want to improve their access to information and the market and empower them economically.

To do this, we will address the issues of capacity and access to finance for these young individuals and groups. We will create a forum for learning and sharing information and provide a support system in the business and supply chain.

Urban and rural collaboration

The project takes place in Medan, North Sumatra, and Manggarai District. These locations represent urban and rural areas in the west and east of Indonesia. The project is carried out by our partner NLR Indonesia, in collaboration with two local partner organisations (LPOs) and Karya Murni Foundation (in Medan) and Ayo Indonesia (Manggarai District).

Objectives & results

  • Support at least two inclusive business groups per location;
  • Train stakeholders in disability awareness and an inclusive environment;
  • Provide direct support to 40 youthpreneurs;
  • Provide market information and skills through at least 130 youthpreneurs through the inclusive business platform.