• Enabling Environment

    Facilitate participation An enabling environment is an environment that has reduced the barriers that hinder the participation of children with disabilities in society. Society is not well equipped to facilitate...
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    Enabling Environment
  • Partner Organisations

    In every country where we operate, we work together with local partner organisations. Network of local partner organisations The Liliane Foundation collaborates with Partner Organisations (POs) to provide the best...
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    Partner Organisations
  • Network

    Creating leverage to achieve an inclusive society Coalition Building Bringing about sustainable change often requires the support and action of a united front. We have more leverage when joining forces...
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  • My Body is Mine

    Increasing knowledge on sexual and reproductive health helps decreasing chances of abuse. Breaking taboos My Body is Mine, a project launched in Indonesia in 2018, aims to provide comprehensive sexuality...
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    My Body is Mine
  • Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion (RCI)

    Rehabilitation Compass ensures good rehabilitation care is accessible Children with disabilities in Cameroon can get access to quality rehabilitation care through the Rehabilitation Compass programme, which we run with our...
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    Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion (RCI)
  • Rehabilitation and care

    An important step in child development Equal opportunities Accessible, affordable, and good quality rehabilitation services are still not available for everyone in need of it in low- and middle-income countries....
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    Rehabilitation and care
  • Inclusive education

    Every child wants to learn Learning opportunities Inclusive education for children with disabilities is one of the most important strategies of the Liliane Foundation. 50% of all children with a...
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    Inclusive education
  • Sustainable livelihood

    Opportunities for decent work and income Decent work and income The Liliane Foundation aims for youngsters with disabilities to gain a sustainable livelihood. They should have access to social protection...
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    Sustainable livelihood