Fatmata laughing

CBR approach

A holistic approach to disability inclusive development

Our core strategy

Disability inclusive community development is at the core of our work. That is because the development of children and youth starts in their immediate family and community environment. An enabling environment is essential for children and youth with a disability to reach their full potential.

Holistic approach

We want to empower these children and youth and, at the same time, ensure health, well-being, development, and participation. We seek to achieve both disability inclusion in the community and the development of children and their parents. This requires a holistic approach.

The Liliane Foundation uses the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach. This holistic approach creates an enabling and empowering environment in which the well-being of the children and youth is always the focal point.

Wanbait Tang (left) is having a session with Nehi Langstang.

The focus of our core strategy is twofold:

  • 1. Child Development

    Sayantani and her mother

    we aid in improving the health, well-being, skills, and self-confidence of children and their parents.

    1. Child Development
  • 2. Enabling Environment

    Venace and his father

    we work to reduce environmental barriers that hinder the participation of children and youngsters with a disability in society.

    2. Enabling Environment