• Privacy Policy

    Terms of use and privacy This website is offered to you by Stichting Liliane Fonds. We pay the utmost care and attention to the composition and content of this website....
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    Privacy Policy
  • How we work

    The Liliane Foundation empowers children with a disability and their parents. In collaboration with our local partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we provide children with the best, tailor-made...
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    How we work
  • What we achieve

    For children with disabilities to participate in society, more than only direct child support is required. That is why we invest in knowledge and awareness about children and youngsters with...
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    What we achieve
  • Child Development

    Child Development, to us, means addressing the child’s impairment, improving their living standards, and making them resilient and confident in their abilities. We make it easier for them to participate...
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    Child Development
  • Board

    Governance, management and control Governance The Liliane Foundation is managed per the Supervisory Board model: management, policy, and execution are separated from supervision. The Executive Director and Supervisory Board have...
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  • Our history

    It started with one woman and one girl Private initiative The Liliane Foundation originated from a private initiative of Liliane and Ignaas Brekelmans-Gronert. The first seed for the foundation was...
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    Our history
  • Our dream

    Equal rights and opportunities for children with a disability Eight out of ten children with a disability live in the poorest parts of the world. These children are often not...
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    Our dream