• Contact

    Address Stichting Liliane Fonds Havensingel 26 5211 TX ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands Phone: +31 73 518 94 20 E-mail: info@lilianefonds.org Bank account IBAN: NL08 RABO 0303080000 BIC: RABONL2U Chamber of Commerce...
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  • Collaborations

    Broaden the perspective by working together Broad perspective Over the years the Liliane Foundation has been actively working together with other development organisations, universities and other institutions to broaden our...
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  • Donors

    Sustainable change requiers financial support Financial support The Liliane Foundation has been able to rely on broad financial support in the Netherlands for years. Approximately 70% of our income comes...
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  • Reporting form unethical behaviour

    1. What kind of incident(s) do you want to report? Please selectIncident(s) concerning a childIncident(s) concerning an adult (incl. sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying)(Suspicion of) fraud/corruptionOtherwise Otherwise, i.e. 2. When...
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    Reporting form unethical behaviour
  • Our policy on integrity and child safety

    Our integrity policy ensures the protection of children, our employees and people outside our organisation from wrongdoing and abuse and guarantees that everyone’s rights will be respected. Integrity and child...
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    Our policy on integrity and child safety
  • News

    Awards for Body Talk and My Body Is Mine

    21 February, 2023

    We are proud to announce that The Zero Project awarded two of our programs on Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights (SRHR): the Body Talk program, implemented together with our partners...
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    Awards for Body Talk and My Body Is Mine
  • Telerehabilitation

    Teleconsultation and telerehabilitation in India and the Philippines Modern information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as internet, tablets, cell phones, and videocalls have great potential to help address some of...
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  • Telerehabilitation II

    12 April, 2023

    The Liliane Foundation has been working closely with local partners to support teleconsultation and telerehabilitation projects since 2016, long before COVID-19 accelerated digital developments. digital technology In India, a country...
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    Telerehabilitation II