Tari in the classroom together with other students and a teacher/supervisor.

Partnership and network

Together we can achieve more

Sustainable support

We want our support to be sustainable. This is why we work closely together with our local Partner Organisations and with like-minded organisations. Together we aim for structural change in the lives of children with a disability and their families.

Partner Organisations

The Liliane Foundation collaborates with Partner Organisations (POs) to provide the best solutions for addressing obstacles and creating an enabling environment. Our network of local Partner Organisations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America work in this field and know the local contacts in which our projects and programmes operate.  

Partner Organisations
Joseph and Trinité from Benin are taught sign language


Bringing about sustainable change often requires the support and action of a united front. We have more leverage when joining forces with like-minded organisations, actors, and authorities to fight for common goals and beliefs. Together we can encourage policy changes in the countries we work in. 


Claudia and mother