Andre with car

Hope for children

Making dreams of children with a disability come true

Appropriate support

Many children in Cameroon face significant challenges every day; civil war causes ongoing unrest in the country and people’s lives. The country has poor infrastructure, and roads are often hardly accessible. Despite the many challenges in Cameroon, there are still people who have made it their mission to support and care for others.

When children with a disability receive appropriate support, they can make their dreams come true. André Kamga from Cameroon is a perfect example of one of those children. As a child, he received support from the Liliane Foundation for his disability. Nowadays, he brings and provides hope to other children in Cameroon. Thanks to the car he received, supported by the MIVA Foundation, André can help children in need.

Driven by personal experience

André Kamga, now 35 years old, works as a Program Officer at the Cameroon Baptist Convention of Health Services, a Strategic Partner Organisation (SPO) of the Liliane Foundation and the MIVA Foundation. His disability does not stop him from giving hope to others. His drive is his personal experience.

When André was a child, the Liliane Foundation supported him: ‘’I am an example of the Liliane Foundation’s mission in Cameroon: Giving hope to children with disabilities. I have personally experienced the impact this programme can make on peoples’ lives.’’

A fruitful partnership

André is passionate about his work. He drives safely with his MIVA car to people and children in need. When he steps out of the car with his crutches, people are impressed. They can see the programme’s impact: when you have a disability, you can drive around independently too.

André is positive and appreciative of the partnership between the MIVA Foundation and the Liliane Foundation: ‘’Liliane Foundation Supports people in their daily life, who work, eat and play in their community. It is a practical approach. Thanks to this collaboration, support is extended to means of transport and communication as well. It helps us bridge greater distances and reach more people in need. And that is great!”

Daily challenges are a thing of the past

Thanks to the collaboration of the Liliane Foundation and the MIVA Foundation, André can easily cross distances and reach more people who need support. He makes field visits, attends meetings and events, and can move around independently because of his car. André: ‘’I have no more concerns about ‘’How do I get there? And how do I get back? What if I fall from a motorbike?’’. Those worries and daily challenges are things of the past! This collaboration is fruitful, and I hope it will be blooming for a long time.’’