Venace and his father

Enabling Environment

Facilitate participation

An enabling environment is an environment that has reduced the barriers that hinder the participation of children with disabilities in society. Society is not well equipped to facilitate the participation of children with disabilities. To become enabling for these children requires the correct (social) infrastructure, communications, attitudes and behaviour of people, and the policies of the (local) government.

Lobby and Advocacy

The Liliane Foundation uses lobby and advocacy to create structural changes for more inclusive societies. Inclusive societies look after children and youth with disabilities and respect their full human rights at all levels. We, and our Partner Organisation MIVA, jointly put efforts into influencing decision makers, community leaders, organisations, public services, and other relevant stakeholders, individuals, and organisations that can have an impact.

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Capacity strengthening

Capacity-building leads to partners becoming more professional in all areas and less and less dependent on our support. The Liliane Foundation has long standing relationships with its partners during which we build and maintain an effective network and work on improving the knowledge and skills on disability inclusion where necessary. We strive to ensure that our partners are ultimately able to implement high-quality programmes independently and in a future-proof manner.

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Transport & communication

The Liliane Foundation underscores the importance of an inclusive society. That society requires reliable means of transportation and communication for vulnerable people and marginalised groups, such as children with disabilities. It enables them to participate to the best of their abilities, develop their potential, and enjoy the full implementation of their human rights.

We collaborate with the MIVA Foundation to provide means of transportation and communication for local organisations and support vulnerable people who often live in rural, remote, and poor areas. One car can make a big difference for a whole region, solar panels can provide sustainable power for organisations to run their programmes, and app development helps make digital rehabilitation possible. We aim to make basic facilities like healthcare and education accessible for the most vulnerable.