• Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

    Knowing your body and boundaries in relationships Dreams about the future Children and young people with disabilities in developing countries are like all other young people: they dream about the...
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    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Lobby and Advocacy

    Participation is not a privilege, but a right Policy influencing The Liliane Foundation and its partners subscribe to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). This...
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    Lobby and Advocacy
  • Capacity strenghtening

    Assisting our local partners in implement high-quality programmes. Long standing relationships This capacity-building leads to partners becoming more professional in all areas and less and less dependent on our support....
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    Capacity strenghtening
  • We Ring the Bell

    A worldwide initiative of the Liliane Fonds that runs in more than 20 countries to raise awareness for the right to education for children with disabilities. We Ring the Bell...
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    We Ring the Bell
  • Community of Practice

    A Leverage for sustaining the gains of Inclusive Education, 2021-2023. Inclusive Education in Northwest Cameroon Community of Practice as a Leverage for Sustaining the Gains of Inclusive Education is a...
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    Community of Practice
  • Flexscan

    Disability Inclusion in vocational and higher education: 2019-2022 Monitor inclusion within Kenyan education systems Disability Inclusion in vocational and higher education, a project founded by the Liliane Foundation and CINOP,...
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  • Make Way

    An intersectional approach to improve access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for vulnerable young people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. Intersectionality forms the foundation Make Way...
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    Make Way
  • Towards Achieving SRHR in Nigerian Communities

    Establishing disability inclusive communities that are aware of and support SRHR. Tailor-made training Towards Achieving SRHR in Nigerian Communities is a project that aims to create and implement tailor-made training...
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    Towards Achieving SRHR in Nigerian Communities
  • Body Talk

    Raising awareness for relationships and sexuality amongst young people with a disability and their community. The Alliance The Body Talk program runs in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia and is...
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    Body Talk
  • Breaking down Barriers

    Research and capacity building for disability inclusion Academics and civil society organisations join hands We dream of an inclusive society in which children and young people with a disability fully...
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    Breaking down Barriers