Jareth and his friend

Our organisation

Our people are the beating heart of our organisation.


Everyone working with us is dedicated to our mission and demonstrates a great deal of commitment. At the Liliane Foundation, the number of volunteers exceeds the number of permanent employees. Sometimes volunteers become employees and some employees become volunteers after leaving their jobs. Our commitment to our mission unites us.

  • Javier (Bolivia) with grandparents

    Our Board

    The Liliane Foundation is managed per the Supervisory Board model: management, policy, and execution are separated from supervision. The Executive Director and Supervisory Board have different tasks, powers, and responsibilities.

    Our Board
  • Lieke and Ignaas

    Our history

    It started with one child and one woman with a mission. Liliane Brekelmans met young Agnes in Indonesia and gave her a chance in life. Now, over 40 years later, Liliane’s mission still lives on in our day-to-day work.

    Our history
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    Integrity and child safety

    The Liliane Foundation makes every effort to ensure a safe environment for ‘our’ children, their caretakers, our employees and others that work with us.

    Integrity and child safety
  • Multiannual strategy 2024-2027

    Liliane Fonds has empowered children with disabilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America for 44 years. Our collaborative efforts have driven both individual support and systemic change. Despite progress, challenges persist due to poverty, exclusion, climate change, and conflicts. Urgent collective action is vital to enhance their prospects and address growing vulnerabilities.

    Read the summary of our Multiannual strategy: