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Work and Respect

Creating equal opportunities in the labour market.

Decent work for young people with a disability

Work & Respect is a three-year project that aims to socio-economically empower 600 youth with disabilities by December 2023. It is implemented through a consortium of strategic partner organizations, Cheshire Disability Services Kenya (CDSK), National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR), and Cheshire Ethiopia (CE) in Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

Disability limits opportunities to make a living and raise one’s socio-economic status and conditions of poverty can also lead to disabilities or increase the barriers experienced as a result of one’s disabilities. Disability also leads to increased costs of health care such as revalidation and opportunity costs as stigma and physical impairments negatively affecting one’s abilities and self-confidence to earn a living. There is also the burden of care experienced by caregivers which affects their abilities to earn a living and thereby the necessary means to cover health and transportation related costs for example. The Liliane Foundation focuses on skills and expertise development, self-employment, formal sector work, and social protection, so that youngsters with a disability will become more self-reliant and economically self-sustaining.


The four outcomes we seek to achieve are:

  1. the skills training of 600 youth with disabilities across the three countries. These skills include market-driven vocational skills, employability skills, and other social skills.
  2. the formal employment, our work with employers to provide inclusive workplaces, and entrepreneurship for youth with disabilities.
  3. lobby and advocacy around the application of disability inclusive policies in education and employment.
  4. the coordination, learning and knowledge www
Jennifer talks about her ICT course within the Work and Respect project in Kenya