Healthworker Ritha is visiting Goodluck Frederik at his home.

Rehabilitation and care

An important step in child development

Equal opportunities

Accessible, affordable, and good quality rehabilitation services are still not available for everyone in need of it in low- and middle-income countries. The Liliane Foundation believes that (re)habilitation is an important step to identifying and addressing the needs of children with a disability and their families. The sooner they can start to (re)habilitate, the better the chances of equal opportunities and social inclusion within their communities.

The child is always our focal point

The local circumstances, character and needs of the child always form the basis of our support. To improve children’s physical and mental health the Liliane Foundation funds operations, therapy and equipment like wheelchairs. Together with our local partners we ensure necessary changes are made in and around the environment. By providing care and reducing obstacles we enable children to grow and truly belong at home, at school, in the community and in society.

Improving knowledge and skills

To ensure children with a disability receive the best possible care the Liliane Foundation invests in training of parents, medical and paramedical service providers, teachers and local authorities. Parents of a child with a disability have a lot of questions about the development of their child. Better informed parents know when and where to seek help. By improving their knowledge, they can provide the right care, preferably at home. Medical and paramedical service providers learn to use more modern rehabilitation techniques. We increase awareness by teachers and local authorities to eliminate superstition surrounding disability.