Joseph and Trinité from Benin are taught sign language

Partner Organisations

In every country where we operate, we work together with local partner organisations. 

Network of local partner organisations

The Liliane Foundation collaborates with Partner Organisations (POs) to provide the best solutions for addressing obstacles and creating an enabling environment. Our network of local Partner Organisations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America work in this field and know the local contacts in which our projects and programmes operate. They offer a broad spectrum of services: from rehabilitation, education, skills training, and business development to advocacy and lobbying with local authorities.

We strengthen such organisations in their organisational development and thematic expertise in different focus areas of our Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) model. Together we support children and youth with disabilities.

Capacity strengthening

In the countries where we operate, we work with Strategic Partner Organisations (SPOs), who manage and coordinate a network of Partner Organisations (POs). SPOs provide various services to children and youngsters with disabilities, support their parents, and promote inclusion in the community. The starting point of their work is a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach. POs are civil society organisations that facilitate collaboration with and between local governments, local service providers, Disabled People Organisations, Parent Support Groups, and other relevant stakeholders in the communities they work. SPOs have the autonomy to manage a network of POs so they can effectively implement the programmes the Liliane Foundation funds. Furthermore, SPOs are responsible for managing and ensuring the quality of implementation of programmes by the POs.