Bright (2 years, brain damage) with his parents Roben and Christabel

Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion (RCI)

Improving skills and knowledge of rehabilitation professionals results in better care.

Increasing the quality of rehabilitation care through education

The Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion (RCI) is an ambitious, four-year programme set up and run by the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Service (CBCHS) and the Liliane Foundation, with the financial support of the AFAS Foundation. The programme’s goal is to ensure that the life of children with a disability in Cameroon has the highest possible quality and that they can grow up to their full potential.

An estimated 86% of children and youngsters with a disability in Cameroon do not have access to good rehabilitation care. Cameroon has a structural shortage of this specialised care in the community, primary health care, and hospitals.

Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion addresses this problem bottom-up. It develops programmes for physiotherapists and occupational therapists on a Bachelor’s level, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) fieldworkers on a certificate level, and multi-skilled rehabilitation technicians on a diploma level.

Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion also supports talented professionals to obtain a Master’s degree in physiotherapy and occupational therapy to become future local teachers. The programme takes care of establishing professional councils to set and monitor quality standards on a national level.


The Rehabilitation Compass for Inclusion programme collaborates closely with representatives of people with a disability, national and regional authorities, experienced and accredited training institutes, regional and international federations for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and local partner organisations.

Objectives & Results

The programme’s bottom-up approach will lead to:

  • An increased number of trained rehabilitation professionals in various settings;
  • A wider range of rehabilitation services;
  • A higher quality of rehabilitation services.

These results will ensure that people with a disability, especially children and youngsters who grow up in poverty and need rehabilitation the most, will have access to better rehabilitation care.

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