Sustainable livelihood

Opportunities for decent work and income

Decent work and income

The Liliane Foundation aims for youngsters with disabilities to gain a sustainable livelihood. They should have access to social protection measures and have decent work and income. With this income, they should be able to contribute economically to their families and communities and meet their disability needs.


To support and achieve sustainable livelihood for youngsters with disabilities, we work on the three pre-conditions for sustainable livelihoods: rehabilitation to increase their activity levels, self-confidence, and skills development. We also help youngsters and their caregivers to become more resilient, as it empowers and enables them to influence decision-making and claim their rights. Another important part of our strategy is our support of mainstream services such as vocational training institutes, workplaces, governmental institutions, and financial institutions. Our support helps them become more disability-inclusive in their policies and practices.


Youngsters with severe or multiple disabilities will not be able to develop a sustainable livelihood or contribute to economic activities. In these cases, the Liliane Foundation invests in daycare activities and livelihood interventions for their caregivers so they can become self-reliant and economically self-sustaining.