Janela Landu is at the ACDF center getting lessons from Lucien Mpay.

Community of Practice

A Leverage for sustaining the gains of Inclusive Education, 2021-2023.

Inclusive Education in Northwest Cameroon

Community of Practice as a Leverage for Sustaining the Gains of Inclusive Education is a project in the northwest region of Cameroon focused on inclusive education. The project, which runs from January 2021 to December 2023, aims to ensure that education in this region is inclusive, of high quality and sustainable for children with a disability. For that, the project establishes a functional Inclusive Education Community of Practice. The Community of Practice shares knowledge and builds competence among its members. This ultimately leads to improvements in the academic achievement of learners with disabilities in the northwest region of Cameroon.

Best practises

Another goal of Community of Practice is to draw up an evidence-based document proposal for best practices in inclusive education. The proposal aims for national education authorities to make changes to their policy. Their policies and the best practices in the proposal can be replicated across the country.

We conducted a baseline survey of the current state of institutions’ capacities to deliver quality education to children with disabilities. The survey’s results are the foundation for determining action towards inclusive, high quality and sustainable education for children with a disability. They also help measure and evaluate the progress and success of the work of the Community of Practice.

Objectives & results

  • An increase in school enrolment, retention, and completion rates amongst learners with disabilities;
  • All Resource Rooms, special and mainstream primary (and secondary) schools use the same standardised tools in the education process;
  • Planning and policy decisions at the regional and national levels are based on evidence generated by the common EMIS and documented best practices;
  • Programmatic and operational compliance to national and donor requirements is assured.