Gwladys and friends

Capacity strenghtening

Assisting our local partners in implement high-quality programmes.

Long standing relationships

This capacity-building leads to partners becoming more professional in all areas and less and less dependent on our support. Our focus on sustainability goes beyond the content of our programmes for children with a disability: it is a pillar of our cooperation with our strategic partner organisations. We strive to ensure that our partners are ultimately able to implement high-quality programmes independently and in a future-proof manner. To this end, we support our strategic partners in three areas:

  • Building and maintaining an effective network
  • Strengthening and deepening high-quality knowledge and skills on inclusion
  • Effective and efficient communication and fundraising

The future-proof nature of our approach is also reflected in the long-standing relationship we have with our strategic partner organisations. Together, we ensure that children do not receive one-off support and subsequently relapse, but that they can count on us over a longer period of time.

Structural attention

Together with our partners, we also engage in lobbying and advocacy with regard to local authorities. The aim is to ensure that the interests and rights of children with a disability are respected and afforded structural attention. In such a way, for example, that local care systems continue to be elevated to a higher level. This will benefit all children in the long run, not just those in our programmes.

Sustainability is thus anchored in our approach on several levels. Just like in the working methods of our strategic partner organisations. In their respective countries they work on structural, future-proof improvements to the situation of children with a disability, in all kinds of ways and on all levels.