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Governance, management and control


The Liliane Foundation is managed per the Supervisory Board model: management, policy, and execution are separated from supervision. The Executive Director and Supervisory Board have different tasks, powers, and responsibilities. The Supervisory Board supervises the Executive Director’s day-to-day management and execution of the Liliane Foundation’s policies and advises the Executive Director. The distribution of tasks, powers, and responsibilities is established in the articles of association and elaborated in the Supervisory Board’s Regulations and the Management Regulations.

Management Board: composition and powers

The Liliane Foundation is managed by an Executive Director appointed by the Supervisory Board. The Executive Director is responsible for the foundation’s day-to-day management. In this task, the Executive director receives assistance from other members of the management team.

Supervisory Board: composition and powers

The Liliane Foundation’s Supervisory Board consists of at least five people (seven people in 2021). They are appointed for four years and can be reappointed once. The Supervisory Board supervises the management and general operational activities within the foundation beforehand and retrospectively.

As of 2018, the Liliane Foundation and the MIVA Foundation form a partnership. The Executive Director and department managers of the Liliane Foundation perform the same roles for the MIVA Foundation. The Supervisory Boards of both organisations have the same chair and members.

External supervision

The Liliane Foundation is recognised as a charity by the CBF (Netherlands Fundraising Regulator), which performs a yearly audit of the foundation. It carries out the assessment to ascertain whether the Liliane Foundation satisfies the requirements that apply to this recognition by the CBF. In 2021, the audit was performed by Dubois & Co Chartered Accounts.

Codes and guidelines

The Liliane Foundation is a member of Goede Doelen Nederland, the sectoral organisation for charities in the Netherlands, and Partos, the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development. Our Supervisory Board is a member of the Foundation for the Internal Supervision of Charities (ITDG).

In addition to all the relevant statutory guidelines, including the SBF Code for Good Governance, the Charity Recognition Regulation (Erkenningsregeling Goede Doelen), the Guideline for Financial Management of Dutch Charities (Goede Doelen Nederland Richtlijn Financieel Beheer), and the Regulation for the Remuneration of Directors (Goede Doelen Nederland Regeling Beloning Directeuren).