Transport and communication: Bringing people together

The common characteristic of transport and communication is that they bring people together. Transport is the movement of people, animals and goods from one location to another. By transport one can think of means to carry, move, or convey people from one place to another such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, etc. or animals used with purpose of conveying people. By communication one can think of a  hardware system, such as mail, telephone, radio, television, or computer for sending and receiving messages. With these practical means more people in often remote communities can be supported.

Liliane Foundation and MIVA

The Liliane Foundation and MIVA join hands to contribute towards a more inclusive society in which vulnerable and marginalized groups such as children with disabilities can participate to the best of their abilities, develop their potential and enjoy full implementation of their human rights. Reliable means of transportation and communication are essential for local organisations in order to support these people who often live in rural and remote poor areas.

Best practices

Thanks to the support of MIVA, our partner organisations are able to purchase a variety of means of transport/communication in order to improve their programmes and activities. Based on the experiences a number of best practices are listed below:

  • More mobility and independence from others. 
  • Save on time and resources and improve quality of services. 
  • Possibility to improve and increase monitoring visits and individual home based counselling. 
  • Improvement of communication thanks to different communication means. 

Case from India: Sisters of the Cross of Chanavod

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod supports socially and economically abandoned people in the region of Makkuva, in the Vizianagaram district (Andhra Pradesh state). The region is mountainous. Villages are quite isolated and at long distances from one another. 

A new bus, funded by MIVA, enables the Congregation to attend to the needs of 186 children with disabilities throughout the region. Furthermore, the bus helps the Sisters to support 200 families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. 

The programme coordinators and field staff use the vehicle for many purposes: 

  • Family and community visits
  • Health awareness programmes in the communities 
  • Rehabilitation services in villages for children with mental and physical disabilities
  • Transport of children with disabilities to the daycare center 
  • Women’s group meetings to create awareness on social issues
  • Emergency transports to hospital 
  • School transport for children during the rain season
  • Transport of food and materials for the Sisters of the Cross children’s home

Other areas of expertise

We are continuously expanding our expertise in these themes to facilitate our Partner Organizations.

Community Based Rehabilitation
• Inclusive Education
• Sustainable Livelihood
• Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Theme expert

For more information about our activities on Transport and communication, please contact our theme expert.

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