Participating organisations

We are very proud to present the selected organisations for this learning project. It is a promising mixture of different voices for marginalized groups in Africa and Asia. All of them face different challenges in their best practices that will be of great value during the local exchange visits that will take place in July and August 2019.


Women’s Health and Equal Rights (WHER) Initiative is a women-led organization.

Centre for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) Nigeria.

Dewdrop Foundation
Dewdrop Foundation, for disadvantages groups, in particular women and elderly.

Sierra Leone

Empowerment for Disability and Social Integration (EDSI), represents people with disabilities across Sierra Leone.

Foundation for Advocacy and Literacy Development (FFALD) fights against discrimination, stigmatization, deprivation, neglect, abuse and violation against women, children, the aged, persons with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.

MirrorAfrica, empowers girls and young women.


SIGAB Indonesia
Sasana Inklusi dan Gerakan Advokasi Difabel Indonesia (Institute for Inclusion and Diffability Advocacy Movement Indonesia (SIGAB Indonesia).

Cis Timor
Cis Timor is a forum for collecting the rights of victims and providing protection and empowerment for the economically marginalized society and improving the quality of life.

The Philippines

Virtualahan is the pioneering tech social enterprise from The Philippines that is building an ecosystem for Persons with Disability (PWD) to thrive using technology.

A2D Project
A2D Project works towards improving lives through evidence-informed development practice.

The Love Life Project
The Love Life Project is composed of people facing discrimination on base of their gender and sexuality, persons living with HIV, persons with lived experiences, former child in conflict with the law, persons with disability, with focus on media representation.


Self-Advocacy Initiatives for people with Disabilities (S.A.I.D.).

Partnership for Change Coalition (PCC), focusing on different groups such as: religious leaders, ex-combatants, women and youth headed households.

Nsindagiza, promoting the rights of elderly including disability.