Equal partnerships with local organizations

The Liliane Foundation sees local partner organizations, coordinated by the Strategic Partner Organizations, as core implementers of the Liliane Foundation’s core strategy in their communities, safeguarding a child-centered approach within their organizations and focusing on empowerment of children and youngsters with disabilities by improving their functioning and participation.

Strategic Partner Organizations

The Liliane Foundation collaborates with Southern partners on the basis of equal relationships. We put this into practice through partnerships in which the Liliane Foundation and its Strategic Partner Organizations (SPOs) in 24 countries have different tasks, powers and responsibilities. SPOs are owners of a national programme on disability-inclusive development. They have an autonomy to make decisions for policy and programme development and responsibility to coordinate and build the capacity of the network of local partner organizations.

Together with the SPOs we are striving toward further development of network building among our partners. 

Partner organizations

Our local partner organizations (POs) are embedded in the communities. They understand the local context in which they operate and have focus on disability by addressing the needs and problems of the children and youngsters with disabilities that live in the community. Community Based Organizations are non-profit groups that work at a local level to improve life of children with disabilities.

Liliane Foundation Inclusion Network: LINC

In order to share knowledge and best practices, SPOs in Asia, Latin America and Africa have formed regional networks. The SPOs join forces on institutional funds applications, as well as for advocacy and influencing policy. As region-specific themes, the Asian network focuses on inclusive education. The theme for the Latin American region is inclusive labour, including vocational education. Themes in Africa are inclusive education, inclusive labour and rehabilitation.