We ring the bell: All children welcome to school

On Wednesday 21 March, children at over 1,600 schools in the Netherlands, Africa, Asia and Latin America sounded the alarm - together with the Liliane Foundation. By making a lot of noise, they drew attention to the fact that lots of children are not able or allowed to, or do not dare to go to school. 90% of all children with a disability in the world don’t go to school. That’s approximately 33 million children. The majority of them live in the poorest parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America*.

Manifesto: All children welcome to school!

It’s this vulnerable group that is usually left behind at home. And if we don’t act, these children will be left behind in life as well. This is unacceptable for the Liliane Foundation, because all children have the right to education.

We want to make accessible education a reality in every country and that:

  • all schools remove barriers to education
  • all children have access to equal opportunities
  • all parents can and have the courage to stand up for their children
  • all authorities ensure that the right to education for all children is respected.

All children with a disability should feel that they are welcome to school, wherever they are in the world. Please stand up for them by signing the manifesto at www.welcometoschool.org.

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The Liliane Foundation and education

Education is one of the most important areas of attention for the Liliane Foundation. We pay for immediate support and we also fund structural support, like training for teachers, changes to teaching materials and providing information for, and raising awareness of policy makers. And more than 35,000 children receive day care, primary or secondary education or vocational training with financial support from the Liliane Foundation.

*Source: Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) 2014, UNESCO

All children must be welcome to school, including children with a disability