Zambian government launch posters on inclusion in collaboration with CHSZ

In a joint effort involving the Zambian government, Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia (CHSZ) and local organizations, a series of impactful posters has been unveiled. This collaborative initiative aims to promote inclusion and elevate awareness regarding various services provided by the government and local entities. As part of the Zambia Enhanced Community Based Rehabilitation Program (ZECREP) Project, the focus is on improving the quality of life for children with disabilities by 2030.

Key Messages and Sectors

The posters, strategically developed under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, convey messages across crucial sectors:

  1. Education: Targeting teachers and parents to foster inclusive education.
  2. Inclusion: Encouraging inclusive practices in play, communication, and shared activities.
  3. Access to Social Services: Providing information on social protection programs and investment opportunities.
  4. Health: Addressing nutrition for mothers and facilitating access to healthcare providers for nutritional information.
  5. Collaboration: Involving stakeholders in health, clergy, traditional leaders for a collective effort.

Collaborative Process

Led by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, the collaborative effort engaged various government ministries, including Health, Local Government, and Education. The Ministry of Health guided the process from production to testing, ensuring refinement for maximum impact. Unlike a traditional campaign, these posters have a lasting presence in communities.

Objectives and Funding

The primary objectives encompass raising awareness for inclusion, improving access to services, and creating demand for essential programs. Funding for this initiative was provided by Liliane Fonds, with CHSZ playing a crucial role in implementing the project.

ZECREP Project Overview

The Zambia Enhanced Community Based Rehabilitation Program (ZECREP) Project, overseen by CHSZ and local partners, aims to enhance the lives of children with disabilities in Zambia by 2030. Implementing partners include Archie Hinchcliffe Disability Intervention (AHDI) Lusaka, Twatasha Disabled and OVC Organization in Kafue, and Holy Family Centre in Monze, with funding from Liliane Fonds.

This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in addressing societal challenges, marking a significant step toward a more inclusive Zambia. The posters, serving as educational tools, embody ongoing efforts to build a more inclusive and accessible future for all.

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One of the posters launched by Zambian government in collaboration with CHSZ
One of the posters launched by Zambian government in collaboration with CHSZ