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RCI and Liliane Fonds awarded for Zero Project 2024

We are proud to share that The Research Center for Inclusion (RCI) and Liliane Fonds have been nominated for the notable Zero Project Awardees 2024 on Inclusive Education, and ICT! This recognition is a testament to the remarkable impact the project has had on fostering inclusive education in rural and impoverished regions of Vietnam.

Making mainstream schools more inclusive

The project ‘Ensuring quality and friendly-disability education for children with special needs’ is established in the districts of Gio Linh and Trieu Phong of Quang Tri province and in Dien Ban district of Quang Nam province in Vietnam. It aims to increase access to inclusive education for primary school students with disabilities, including the deaf students in the special schools in rural and poor areas.

Three key elements

RCI – a local Vietnamese NGO based in Hanoi – has been at the forefront of creating positive change in education through its innovative and low-cost training module. The grant-funded program is a beacon of hope for children with disabilities in Vietnam, focusing on three key elements:

  1. hands-on flashcard training manual for teachers to be shared easily
  2. an assessment tool for development and evaluation
  3. the setup of child-friendly support / resource units withing each school where the programme is implemented

Testimonial Le Van Hieu

Inclusivity among educators

What makes this programme even more exceptional is the involvement of deaf trainers who train teachers in sign language. This unique approach not only breaks down communication barriers but also promotes inclusivity among educators.


Since its initiation in 2020, RCI has made significant strides. A total of 120 teachers have undergone intensive training and on the job-coaching, impacting 274 children with disabilities and creating an inclusive classroom environment for all. Moreover, 269 parents and caregivers have actively participated in the program, creating a network of support that extends beyond the classroom.

“We are very grateful for the project’s support in establishing Support Units for Inclusive education, purchasing equipment, learning materials, and training teachers on inclusive education skills. The establishment and operation of the unit is extremely practical because every school has children with disabilities, but it is very difficult to set up an inclusive education unit like this without any support.”

Thi Dieu Huong, Vice Principal from Le Hong Phong Primary School

The Innovative Solutions of Zero Project Awardees 2024

“The innovations of the Zero Project Awardees vary in their approaches and the fields they target. What unites them is a solution-oriented mindset towards removing barriers. Through their demonstrated practices, they also have answers for some of the most urgent challenges related to disability inclusion in these times of multiple crises.”

– Martin Essl, Founder of the Essl Foundation

Out of 523 entries, 77 Innovative Solutions from 43 countries will receive the Zero Project Award at the Zero Project Conference 2024 in Vienna, Austria from February 21 to 23, 2024.

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