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Open the world for a child with a disability

Equal rights and opportunities for children with a disability

80% Of all children with a disability live in the poorest parts of the world. Poverty is the primary cause of disability, and conversely, disability leads to more extreme poverty. It is a vicious circle. The Liliane Foundation breaks this vicious circle by empowering children with a disability and their parents. 

Together with our local partner organisations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we make these children’s living, playing, and learning environment more accessible so they can participate in their communities to the best of their abilities. We work towards an inclusive society in which all children and young people can participate, regardless of their disability. The Liliane Foundation believes participation is not a privilege – it is a right. 

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    CBR approach

    Disability inclusive community development is at the core of our work. The development of children and youth starts in their immediate family and community environment. An enabling environment is essential for children and youth with a disability to reach their full potential.

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    CBR approach
  • Healthworker Ritha Sambaya Nemes is visiting Huggo ( 24 years) , he has down syndrom and physical disability

    Current projects and programmes

    Participating in society requires more the direct child support. We invest in knowledge and raising awareness in the local environment.

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    Current projects and programmes
  • Special Edition Policy Brief on Inclusive Education

    “How have (informal) school leaders contributed to the progressive implementation of inclusive education practices in their respective schools?”

    This was the research question that guided the first comparative study of the Breaking Down Barriers research trajectory. The study was based on 4 separate research studies in Zambia, Sierra Leone, and Cameroon. The study examined schools that, against the odds, have achieved IE successes, focusing on the role of the leadership.

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    Special Edition Policy Brief on Inclusive Education
Liliane Foundation supports youngsters with disabilities: Jauhara from Uganda