meisje_voor_klasOpen the world for a child with a disability

Providing assistance through local partners

The Liliane Foundation contributes to a world that is open for everyone, and in which children and youngsters with disabilities who live in poverty can develop and use their talents.

Together with local organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we make children stronger and their environment more accessible


Children that received assistance: 90,650
Average amount per child: € 143
Focus areas: Health, Education, Social contacts, Work and Income
Number of Strategic Partner Organisations: 30
Number of countries: 29

Agnes 240First supported child passed away

In Indonesia, the first child who received support from the Liliane Foundation, Agnes, passed away. Agnes died at the age of 59.

The encounter between Liliane Brekelmans and Agnes, in Sumatra in 1976, was the start of the Liliane Foundation.

About Agnes and Liliane

wtadb3Campaign ‘We ring the bell’ 2016

On March 10, over 200,000 children at 800 schools in The Netherlands and worldwide ‘rang the bell’. 'We ring the bell' is an awareness campaign organized by the Liliane Foundation.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to children's right to education.

More about the campaign

Research report

Vic uit Filippijnen3

What are the results of 35 years of support by the Liliane Foundation? Read the conclusions