Disaster Risk Management

Natural and man-made hazards are growing in intensity and numbers: floods, earthquakes, droughts and hurricanes, often combined with conflicts. This is aggravated by climate change. This has a huge impact on people living in hazard prone areas, and more so on children with a disability. They may lose their house, family members, family income, assistive devices, schools or even their lives. Families may have to flee to refugee camps. In all situations, children with a disability are extra vulnerable. They have additional needs, such as accessible environments and assistive devices.

Addressing needs of people with disability

Our Partner Organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America agree that disaster risk management is not a choice, but their responsibility. Attention for people with a disability is not yet sufficiently integrated in disaster risk management programmes and national policies. Our partners aim to reduce the impact of hazards on the lives of children with a disability and their family members.


For further reading on the topic of disaster risk management, we recommend the following title.

Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Management


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