Community Based Rehabilitation

Accessible, affordable and good quality rehabilitation services are still not available for everyone in need of it in low- and middle-income countries. The Liliane Foundation believes that usually (re)habilitation is the first step to address the needs of children with disabilities and their families and to gain equal opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities within their communities.

(Re)habilitation is family-based, client-centered and focusses on not only (re)gaining skills, but also learning how to develop capabilities in a way that is meaningful to the individual and his/her family to be able to participate in daily life.

Inclusion for children with disability

Rehabilitation is a key component of the multi sectoral strategy called Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). CBR is our main strategy to reach inclusion for children and youngsters with disability in family and community life. We do this for example through advocacy for access to these services and capacity building regarding family-based (re)habilitation services on community level. It is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities, their families, communities, and relevant stakeholders of the governmental and non-governmental sector including health, education, vocational, social and other services.

Supporting local partners

The Liliane Foundation supports local partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to ensure that children with disabilities and their families are accepted as equal members of society, who can claim their rights and entitlements. At the core of our work are the children with disabilities and their families. Interventions are aimed at meeting the individual needs of children with disabilities and their families.  

In order to achieve this we support partners to offer interventions and services that not only focus on the well-being of the child, but ensure actions that are also directed at the environment in which the child lives.

Actions to improve the child’s well-being:

  • therapy and coaching
  • surgery
  • providing assistive devices
  • financing vocational training
  • referral to micro-credit organizations to set up an income generating activity

Actions directed at the environment:

  • awareness raising
  • local advocacy
  • adaptations in infrastructure
  • developing essential rehabilitation services at the community level

The combined interventions should contribute and lead to the inclusion of the child with a disability in all spheres of life, within his/her family and the community, to reach his or his potential according to their wishes and needs. 

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Other areas of expertise

We are continuously expanding our expertise in these themes to facilitate our Partner Organizations.

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Theme expert

For more information about our activities on CBR, please contact our theme experts.

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