Impact of corona on support children with disability

In the extremely poor areas in Africa, Asia and Latin America we are active, a disaster is about to happen. Families often live close to one another. Frequent washing of hands is impossible due to a lack of running water. People have no health insurance. Access to health care and sufficient facilities in hospitals are in any case a problem. Employment benefits are non-existent. For many, no work means no food.

Support severely hampered by corona

We are in close contact with our partners in order to examine which problems they, and the families they assist, are facing. In most countries, the situation is as follows: 

  • Therapy centers are closed.
  • Medication is not available.
  • Schools are closed.
  • House visits are no longer possible.
  • Parents are not able to work and are unable to afford food.
  • Having children at home who require constant care causes parents stress
  • Information on corona is not always available for people with visual or hearing impairments.

What are we and our partners doing?

Our partners are doing their utmost to maintain their support to the children and their families. We are giving them the necessary space to reallocate their budgets for what is needed in this corona crisis. Also, we encourage them to urge governments and emergency organizations to take measures that meet the specific needs of people with disabilities.  

Initiatives they are taking among other things:

  • Spreading information in remote areas where families have no tv or radio. 
  • Distributing food, soaphand gelthermometers, masks and gloves.
  • Supplying medication, for example to children with epilepsy.
  • Making information material for people with visual or hearing impairments.
  • Opening an online helpdesk for medical questions and emotional support.

Now especially we keep in close contact with our partner organizations. Together, we keep considering what is needed for the children and their families. We have great admiration for our partners and appreciate their flexibility and tremendous effort.