Welcome at the physiotherapy centreThe Liliane Foundation supports local partners to invest in children and tailor interventions to their individual needs, such as the provision of different assistive devices. These can be mobility devices, positioning devices, daily living devices, vision devices, hearing devices, communication devices, and cognitive devices.

The Liliane Foundation further supports partners to facilitate different sorts of therapies and surgeries for children and youngsters with disabilities. For example, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), corrective surgery, and medicines for epilepsy and leprosy.

In providing access to medical care and assistive devices and technology, the Liliane Foundation expects partners to take into consideration the environmental, cultural, social and economic factors that influence communities and individuals.

Reducing barriers and ensuring accessible healthcare services and practices is only possible when local partner organisations invest in reducing the different sorts of barriers that are present in the communities of children with disabilities.