Having fun with class mates

The Liliane Foundation supports local partners to invest in children and tailor the interventions to their individual needs. The provision of extra assistance, specialized equipment, audio and other devices, Braille, sign language, and school fees for children are individual interventions that are taken into consideration when the local partner organisation applies for funding.

Many of these interventions are related to special education. Although the Liliane Foundation promotes inclusive education, “special schools” are a reality for many children with disabilities who live in low income developing countries, because they may be the only option available for children who are deaf, blind, or who have an intellectual impairment.

The Liliane Foundation also supports local partner organisations in investing in small-scale capacity development projects at the community level. The purpose of these projects is to reduce barriers related to communication, infrastructure and the physical environment, public attitudes, and policy.

The Liliane Foundation supports local partner organisations in investing in projects that focus on raising awareness and changing the attitudes of families, neighbours and teachers to the potential and talent of children and youngsters with disabilities, as well as appropriate treatments at home and in school.