Disclaimer: Fraudulent e-mail warning 

Please note that the Liliane Foundation / Liliane Fonds and its website www.lilianefonds.org is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt or the company L'Oréal Paris, even though you may have received a scam e-mail telling you otherwise. To be clear: This e-mail was not sent by the Liliane Foundation or Mrs. Bettencourt. Also, the Liliane Foundation does not endorse the contents of the fraudulent message.

We regret the confusion the scam e-mail may have caused, but the Liliane Foundation / Liliane Fonds is not responsible for - nor will be held liable for - any financial actions taken as a result of fraudulent activity.

The Liliane Foundation / Liliane Fonds has taken action in an effort to stop such fraudulent e-mails from being distributed.