Holistic approach

In more than three decades of development efforts, the Liliane Foundation has always used a holistic approach in addressing the needs of children and youngsters with disabilities.

A holistic approach to child development means an approach that simultaneously addresses the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a child’s life.

holistic approach

Core Strategy: Child Empowerment

Child Empowerment means increasing the child’s personal, social, educational and economic strengths. This is reached through:

  • Child Development: We address the child’s impairment, improve their functioning and make children resilient and self-aware. We make it easier for them to participate and to stand up for themselves. The parents or guardians play a key role.
  • Enabling Environment: We reduce the barriers that hinder the participation of children with a disability in society. The (social) infrastructure, communications, attitude and behaviour of other people and the policies of the (local) government are all taken into consideration.

Supporting Strategies

  • Partners’ Capacity Development: We strengthen local partner organisations so that they are sufficiently knowledgeable and equipped to implement the core strategy.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: We contribute to the lobby for safeguarding the interests of people with disabilities in the Dutch policy for international cooperation.