Strategic Partner Organisations

Training our partnersWorking with partner organisations in developing countries is central to the strategy of the Liliane Foundation.Strategic Partner Organisations (SPOs) are the main coordinators and managing organisations of the national programmes.

The Liliane Foundation takes decisions on global level for its policy and strategy framework. SPOs have increased decision-making power to develop and implement the programme to fit the country context. For example, programme based intervention strategies are developed, coordinated and monitored by the programme department of the SPO.

The Liliane Foundation and SPOs are thus autonomous organisations that legally represent themselves. The Liliane Foundation can act as a donor agency for the SPO, but this fact should not diminish the SPO’s integrity and autonomy.

The SPO has full ownership of the programme-based intervention strategies in its own country. The Liliane Foundation should be visible as a partner and donor of the SPO in the respective country, and not as a co-owner of the programme.