Partner Organisations

Physiotherapy at homeThe Liliane Foundation’s direct and small-scale approach, including child and family visits and making referrals to special centres, is implemented and safeguarded by local partner organisations.

A number of employees within, and also outside the local Partner Organisation, with specific expertise (rehabilitation, social work, policy) facilitate the rehabilitation process in the broader sense. The purpose of this mediation process is to address the functioning and participation limitations of the child, overcoming those limitations in collaboration with different stakeholders in the community, and consequently increasing the child’s opportunities to be included in society.

The activities of the mediation process within the local partner organisation are:

  • Identification of the child;
  • Assessment of the child and the environmental barriers affecting him or her;
  • Planning of relevant child specific and community specific interventions;
  • Monitoring of the progress of the child;
  • Reducing of the environmental barriers to participation.

It is desirable that for every child in the programme of the partner organisation, one of the employees who is involved in the mediation process oversees the rehabilitation process and manages the information relating to the child.