Children and youngsters

The main beneficiaries of the Liliane Foundation are children and young people with disabilities in the age range of 0-25 years and their parents/caregivers. They come from resource-poor communities in the developing countries where the Liliane Foundation operates with its partners.

Read at 'Our work' how Liliane Fonds aims to empower children and youngsters.

Rolliane from the Philippines
rollianeRolliane (9) was discovered by the local partner organisation in a dumpsite area when she was just 6 years old. She has Cerebral Palsy. Rolliane was unable to move around and she was always carried around by her mother or by her siblings.

She was given physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Slowly, the girl was able to acquire balance and motor coordination skills. After several months, she was able to stand up and walk slowly with the aid of a walker. She is now being trained to walk without the assistive device.

Rolliane is loved by her family and friends, and her parents try to provide for her needs as best as they can. However, being mere scavengers in the dumpsite, their income is barely enough to provide food for the whole family.

Rolliane plays with the other children in her neighbourhood. She does not allow her disability to be a hindrance to live a normal life. She goes to school at The Birthright Center and participates in all school activities.